Broke Down Single Mom: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Lucky Lady Reverse Harems)

“You shouldn’t be here in the middle of a storm.”
“I had no choice, Officer. My husband is a dangerous man.”
His jaw clenches in anger. “Did he hurt you?”

In the middle of a winter storm – I’m stranded and desperate.
I have no food or money to feed my two little girls.
If I’ve ever needed a miracle it’s NOW.

A Sheriff’s car pulls up.
This man is a giant by no exaggeration.
Sheriff Kellan makes a phone call to his twin brother, Fallon.

The two of them waste no time getting my girls and I out of the harsh cold and into their car to meet their best friend, Luke.
Just like the brothers, Luke is a war veteran and as mesmerizing to look at as a Greek statue.
I’m shocked when Luke says we can stay ‘for as long as desired’ in this breathtaking lodge – where he runs his million dollar business.

I should be grateful but my husband is a dangerous man with connections.
Could this all be a ticking time bomb?
Or do decent men actually exist in this harsh world??

Considering the rush of emotions I feel when these three ex-military alphas melt like puppies for my little girls…
And the way they look at me with such admiration and a yearning…
I can’t help but wonder: Do happily ever after’s exist outside of cheesy romance novels?

This is a sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, danger, and generous amounts of love. It also contains blistering hot MFMMM, ménage fun times, in single and multiple partner scenes so HOT they’re bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.

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Broke Down Single Mom: A Military Reverse Harem Romance (Lucky Lady Reverse Harems)