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We’ve been sharing lots of books with you and we’ve loved it!

Here are the most recent newsletters that we’ve shared with you guys:

One by one, the lights burn out. There is an intruder, and he wants me.
He’s roused more than just the hidden fire magick within me.
I accidentally married my high school sweetheart.
Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH ROMANCE?! Nope!
His broken past threatens their future.
Falling in love was never part of their plan…
You don’t have to be a damsel in distress to love a man who takes charge.
My knight in a shining… Maserati?
Complications: I’m falling for him all over again.
Romance deals and STEALS to get you thru the hump day blues.
The brute and the novelist. How incompatible can we be?
It turns out, I might not be the only one with a forbidden little secret.
My life couldn’t get any more ridiculous. It’s been her all along!
Moan-day Romance: Monday deals, steals and freebies!
He drops EVERYTHING just to spend time with her…  💔

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