Beauty and the Beast – Michael and Karma’s Complete Story: Mafia Forced Marriage Trilogy

“Run my Beauty… If I catch you, you are MINE…”

Michael Byron Domenico Sovrano
The Capo of Sicily’s notorious Mafia company.
My father owed him,
so he took me to repay the debt.
And married me to further his own ambitions.
I hate him, I am determined to resist him.
But what happens when I begin to fall for my new husband…?

A feisty fashion designer goes toe-to-toe with a brutal gangster in this marriage of convenience age gap, Mafia romance boxset and teaches him the meaning of love.

This is Michael and Karma’s complete story; a dark, Mafia romance inspired by a tale as old as time.
The box set contains Mafia King, Mafia Queen and Mafia War. THREE books for the price of ONE. 1-Click NOW

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