Baby for the Doctor: A Surprise Pregnancy Romance

How can I prove a woman can run an NBA team as well as any man,
When I get knocked up by the team doc?

I’ve been groomed for this role my whole life,
But there are those who said I’d fail.
A female boss in a male-dominated sport?
People around me are just waiting for me to screw up.

And that’s exactly what I do as soon as I lay eyes on Dr. James Lippert.
Tall, built as any player on my team, and sexy as sin.
I tell myself I have to keep it professional at all costs,
Then we share an elevator on the first road trip of the season and all bets are off.

I cannot get caught up in his spell,
I’ve got too much to prove.
And the man who wanted my job is only too happy to watch me fall on my face,
So I can’t give him the satisfaction.

Rumors of impropriety hit the press,
And I’m ready to refute every single one,
Even if I’m lying. Even if I break my own heart,
Even if I end up raising this baby on my own.

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