A Baby for the Beastly Boss

They call me an ogre. A beast. They say I’m difficult to work with and nearly impossible to work for. But that never mattered. The only thing I cared about was business, until my great-uncle died and the terms of his will turned my highly-ordered life into disarray. To keep the one thing I’ve always wanted, I’m going to have to do the one thing I said I never would: fathering a child.

It seems impossible. I don’t have time for relationships. And no woman would put up with me anyway.

Emma, my assistant, is the only one willing to stick to my side. She’s sweet, loyal, and beautiful, though I’ve done my best to ignore any attraction I felt for her. When she offers to help me with my ‘problem,’ I am more than tempted to finally cross the line that stands between us.

To make her mine. Temporarily.

But now that I’ve tasted just how sweet she is, how can I ever let her go?

A Baby for the Beastly Boss is a short and steamy romance between a boss and his assistant, and their baby-making project that definitely does not include test tubes. It contains no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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