Wolf Boss (She-Shifters of Hell’s Corner Book 1)

Carter Ray has vowed off men. She and her daughter, Jellybean, have found refuge in the mostly female-populated town of Helen’s Corner. She wants nothing to do with the visiting wolf shifter, despite his wickedly delicious scent that drives her bear into a frenzy.

The last thing billionaire Alec Patterson expected to find in the small southwestern town was his mate. Now his biggest challenge is getting rid of the woman he came with before he loses his mate for good.

NOTE: In the late 1800s, on a homestead in New Mexico, Helen Cartwright was widowed under mysterious circumstances. Knowing there was power in the feminine bonds of sisterhood, Helen created an oasis for women who, like herself, had been dealt the short end of the stick. Like magic, women have flocked to the tiny town of Helen’s Corner ever since. Although, nowadays, some call the town by another name: Hell’s Crazy Corner.

This is a feel-good shifter rom-com novella that transports you to a place where laughter is the status quo and a smile on your face is guaranteed.

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