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Hi there! Let’s check out the reccommended romance read we’ve got for you today, 28, September 2021.

Fans of Reverse Harem romance will love this slow-burn, reverse harem / poly / why choose urban fantasy series. Get ready for action, intrigue, and plenty of spice – with each book getting hotter than the last!

Reverse Harem Edition for 2021-09-28

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Academy of Protectors
(The Protector Guild Book 1)

You know what’s annoying? Having your first real date interrupted by a werewolf and a hellhound.

Now that the monsters have invaded my small town, my family and I have to ditch our secluded cabin in the woods, and move to The Protector Guild. I’ve always dreamed of one day joining The Guild—a secret establishment of protectors that studies captured demons and trains to kill them—but the reality of this new life is nothing like I thought it would be. I blame superhero movies for making the whole saving-the-world thing look easy and fun.

Hunting monsters and kicking ass, I can handle; but when I’m forced to train with a team of mysterious protectors full of secrets and a haunted past, things get complicated…

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About the Author

I’m a teacher by day and a writer by night (and, occasionally, I moonlight as a bartender as well). Most of my time is happily spent hanging out with my cartoonish dog (who is spoiled to the core, as he should be), going for meandering walks around the city, and reading everything I can get my hands on. I drink way too much coffee, binge-watch obsessively with the best of them, and love playing board games or kayaking with friends.

Want to know more about me and the fictional worlds I spend my time in? Come follow me on social media! I’m particularly active in my FB reader group and on instagram.

What the Reviews Say

New Author. New Series. It’s always risky…. Take this risk. I enjoyed the heroine and her unfiltered speech. I love her adopted family and their closeness. I can’t wait to see what develops between Max and the harem members that are becoming attached to her.

What a great start to a series. Drawn in from the start, I enjoyed the storyline and love the mix of characters.

I loved every single thing about this book: the connection between Max and her brother, the combination of strength and naivety in Max, the world building, the background of the story, the connection that slowly develops between the characters, … It is a slow building relationship, but I loved every word that works towards it.

The FMC is one of my fave characters of all time, she’s just a refreshing, naive yet Bad*ss, and her relationship with her brother is amazing!

This isn’t the kind of thing I usually read but I thoroughly enjoyed this! Max is a really fun protagonist and her voice achieves the difficult balance of making amusing comments and references without ever getting into overbearing territory. There’s also a wide cast of characters and some interesting worldbuilding that I’m excited to watch develop as the series progresses.

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