Vicious: A Ménage Romance (Road Kings MC Book 1)

We’ve done plenty of dangerous jobs for the Club, but we haven’t lost sleep over a single one. Until her.


Of all the tasks the president of the Road Kings has assigned to us, helping a woman cross the Canadian border doesn’t stand out as high-risk. If some rich girl wants to ditch her husband and flee the country, a few passports and some hard travel are no problem. We might even get lucky on the way, and then she’ll be off our hands.

Except the more we learn about Vanessa, the more she proves she’s anything but a spoiled socialite looking for the next big thing. She’s brave. She’s determined. She’s also sexy as hell. Tempting enough that neither of us want to let her go.

Unfortunately, we have bigger problems. It turns out that Vanessa’s husband won’t let her leave him—not in one piece, anyway—and has the means to hunt her down. She’s terrified of him and what he’ll do if he finds her.

He’s the one who should be afraid.

***VICIOUS is a suspenseful biker ménage romance sure to leave scorch marks behind by the final page. Read as a standalone with an HEA and no cliffhanger.***

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