Those dizzy spells? Probably nothing.

Our recommended read for today,
September, 15th, 2020.

A deliciously naughty office romance. The Intern (Office Romances Book 5) is a full-length office romance full of secrets and surprises and a
whirlwind of forbidden naughtiness, all wrapped up with a beautiful and
sweet HEA sure to make your heart soar!

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The Intern (Office Romances Book 5)

Internship? No problem.

Show up on time.
Get the coffee orders right.
Whatever you do, don’t get mixed up with your way-off-limits boss.
Especially not on the conference room table at work.

Looks like I broke a big rule there.
Eli had alpha male written all over him.
Sexy and strong and set in his ways.

All I had to do was be a good little intern for the MLB expansion team
Finish my classes, and that master’s degree would be mine.
I could put my illness behind me and chase my dreams.
No secret crush on my boss, no distractions.
Absolutely no fantasies about him.

Nope never happened.
Those dizzy spells? Probably nothing.
Not my illness coming back.
And definitely not a secret bundle of joy…

That would make everything even more complicated.

What the Reviews Say

A riveting read! It is a fast pace page turner that is well thought-out, witty, and emotionally deep with characters that are strong and likeable; the chemistry between them is intense.

They have got it so bad for each other and it is so cute to read and watch what they do. Positively awesome.

Even though they avoid each other at work and are never alone together at any time, each of them is constantly thinking of the other wondering what it would be like to be together for real.I love the way this book gets into the heads of Eli and Christina and you can see exactly what each one of them is thinking and imagining about the other.

How their relationship evolved is an exciting, emotional and heartwarming reading experience. As with all books by this author, it is one you do not want to miss.

An intellectual as well as physical attraction between them is apparent, and both try their best to not act on it. How will they work out their attraction? Will she achieve her dream? A truly enjoyable read!