I thought running away was the right thing to do.



Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
January, 23rd, 2020.

Her ex-boyfriend’s dad – is he the ultimate taboo or the love of her life? My Ex-Boyfriend’s Daddy is an inferno of sizzling emotions, drama and hot, hot, hot romance. Definitely one that will melt your ereader.

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My Ex-Boyfriend’s Daddy
(Once Upon a Daddy Book 9)

I used to call him Daddy as a joke…

Arlo was my ex-boyfriend’s father and my boss.
He was my rock when everyone else abandoned me.
But I still wasn’t strong enough to stay.
I thought running away was the right thing to do.

Three years later, a twist of fate brought us back

It started out as innocent flirting.
Then it changed from innocent, to giving him my innocence.
But nobody can find out what we did.
Especially his son.
It would ruin their already rocky relationship.

Just because I call him Daddy for another reason now doesn’t mean he will choose me.

And if he did, am I ready to face everything I ran from?

This is a standalone May/December Romance that will melt your Kindle and your heart.

What the Reviews Say

This is my favorite out of Kelli’s Once Upon a Daddy series – the dynamic between Arlo and Phoebe is just fantastic. I loved how it was just natural between them and the slow burn build between the two is to die for.

An absolute thrill to read. I’m glad things happened the way they did so these two could see that they are each others happiness.

This is a fantastic story! I love reading anything by Kelli Callahan. I can never put her stories down.

This was a delightful read with just the right amount of smut. I fell in love with both of the characters and was rooting for them through the entire book.

I really loved this story. If I had to pick one thing that made it a story I loved, I doubt that I could, but overall, I loved it. The characters were well developed and I loved their interactions. Arlo and Phoebe were awesome together.