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Your recommended reads for today,
September, 25th, 2020.

Princess Perfect

Princess Isabella’s life is a hot damn mess. And yet, no one can see past the perfect princess to the real woman within.

No one except Marco, that is.

He sees beyond the facade, and he likes what he sees. A lot. The only thing is, Marco enjoys life on the wrong side of the law. He’s addicted to the adrenaline rush.

If these royals hook up, will they bring each other completely undone?

A stand-alone billionaire romance in the Rich & Royal series.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Broken Soldier

Broken body, broken heart, all he needed was a woman who believed in him from the. start…

Physical therapy sucked. I hated every miserable minute of it.

Until Molly appeared. The sweet, sexy goddess was just pushy enough to make me want to try harder. At everything.

Being around her made it impossible to stay angry and bitter. Her infectious optimism made me need to care for her—including posing as a fake date at her sister’s wedding.

But the sparks flying between us weren’t fake. And Molly’s sweet curves in my arms weren’t fake either. I needed everything she had to offer, wanted her. Wanted to deserve her.

I vowed to straighten out my life. Vowed to win her heart.

But when her caregiving nature pushes a little too far, it’s a cruel reminder of how damaged I am. She deserves a man who is as cheerful as she is, not a brooding man with a cane in his hand, a chip on his shoulder, and a dark, hidden scar on his heart.

How could a perfect woman like her love a broken soldier?

? Heat Level 5

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♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Montana Mail Order Brides Boxed Set


How far would you go for true happiness? These three brides must find the strength to hold onto newfound love in the face of adversity.

? Heat Level 2

Highland Brothers Boxed Set

The entire Highland Brother series in one furry little package, just in time for fall. Including all the brothers and their steamy stories. These bears will keep you toasty next to a fire while you sip on some pumpkin spice.

♨️ Heat Level 4


She says I’m a beast. And she’s right.
But I’m the man she needs if she wants to survive.

I’m no family man.
Big, bearded, tatted – I’m no teddy bear either. As a member of the Twisted Devils MC, I fix bikes and break heads.
At night, it’s all about easy riding and fast women. No commitments, except to my club.

Until Trixie.
That night, everything changes.

The curvy bar singer takes the stage and my world shifts. She’s gorgeous. And her sinful voice stirs an animal inside me.

All I want is one night.
Nothing more.
She tells me I’m full of it.
She wants nothing from a man like me.
Turns out we’re both liars.

Because the truth comes out after one hot night together. Trixie finds out she’s carrying a little secret. I find out she’s got a past.
A dark past that’s coming for her and for my child. And it could destroy us all.

I used to avoid commitment, but not any more. And those enemies that threaten my woman and my child?
They better be ready for war.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Lost on the Way

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They were friends—just friends. Now they’re something else entirely…

Last night, we shared tequila. I found myself hoping, like I always do. I’d replay last night a thousand times if I could. It’s the morning after that needs erasing. Our problem? His love for me isn’t the more kind of love. He’s made that abundantly clear. And that’s okay.

Some part of me knows Jason will always see me as his best friend’s girl. Because of our past, he prefers me in the just-a-friend role. I can’t lose our friendship. If he wants to stay in the friend zone, I need to accept that. Move on. Find someone else to love. Rationally, I do know this.

But convincing my heart…well, that’s another story entirely.

? Heat Level 5