The only thing she wants from him is love and dominance

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More chemistry than a chemistry lab: Bind Me, Sir is the first book in the Bonds of Worship series. If you love hot as hades tales with unconditional acceptance, unfettered love, then pick up Bind Me, Sir, now – especially as it’s FREE today!

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Bind Me, Sir
(Bonds of Worship Book 1)


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He knows everyone wants to use him for his family name and wealth. She is forced to take on the heavy responsibility of a troublesome sibling. Can she prove to him that the only thing she wants from him is his love and dominance?

As part of the British peerage, Jordan Graystone knows what it’s like to live in the public eye. Which is why he holds hard limits when it comes to scening with submissives—no kissing, no penetration. Both lead to unwanted emotions and women attempting to take more than he’s willing to give.

Entrusted with the care of raising her younger sister is a responsibility Natalie Perez doesn’t take lightly. She focuses solely on her troubled ward, putting aside her own desires even when confronted with the temptation Jordan promises—fulfilling her fantasies to be bound and worshiped upon an old church’s altar.

Secretly snapping a photo ends in a confrontation that arouses Natalie to the point of turmoil—and Jordan past the point of caring about limits. He’s determined to give Natalie the release she needs, but her obligation threatens to rip apart his plans for more than their agreed upon one night.

Will Natalie’s selfless dedication to her sister be the key to bind her and Jordan together or the fault that tears them apart?

What the Reviews Say

Their attraction is instant, like sparks off a flame, burning deeper until neither one can ignore the heat. Natalie and Jordan, together, portray the beautiful connection between a dominate and his submissive as they find love.

Such a hot, steamy book. The sex scenes left me reaching for BOB. And the love story underneath is dreamy! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

This is a beautiful story of new beginnings and giving yourself the opportunity to explore your needs and find your way. Jordan and Natalie are a perfect example of soulmates. I highly recommend this wonderful story.

Captivating for it’s characters and the spicy steam they create while navigating the heavy responsibilities of life. Best of all, Jordan and Natalie find their way through the trials and triumph at the end with a fitting HEA.

Ms. Burke’s character development is top notch!! Her stories have so much more depth because of it!! Sooo worth your precious time and hard earned money!!! Go & one-click it right now!! You will be sooo happy You did! Enjoy!