The Ghost of Loon Lake (The Shores of Loon Lake Book 1)

Ten years ago, ASHLEY HALE left the Inn at Loon Lake, her family’s business, frustrated by her father’s apprenticeship that treated her more like a personal assistant than heir apparent. Her childhood best friend turned husband, CHRISTOPHER LEWIS, stayed behind, breaking her heart. After her father’s sudden passing, Ashley discovers that he changed the terms of the will to include either her or her husband, whoever stays for thirty consecutive days following his death.

To claim her rightful legacy and her only chance at a happy future, Ashley sneaks into the lighthouse behind the Inn with the intention of scaring her estranged husband off the premises by pretending to be a ghost. Unfortunately for Ashley, Christopher knows she’s back. He’s spent the last decade running the business and hating himself for not following her. Her father forbade him from telling her the truth of the Inn’s financial circumstances. In an act of love, he saved the resort and has been supporting her with an allowance ever since.

When Ashley accidentally sets the lighthouse on fire, she runs into Christopher’s arms. He hopes her return means a relationship resolution and a chance to show how much work is involved in managing the property, hoping she will gladly hand over the reins. However, Ashley isn’t giving up, and Christopher doesn’t want her to leave. Convinced the Inn’s lighthouse is haunted, she starts an investigation. Together, they uncover one mystery after another. Will they discover the secret to a happy future and a second chance at love?

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The Ghost of Loon Lake (The Shores of Loon Lake Book 1)