The Arrangement: An Age Gap, Bratva Romance (Silver Fox Daddies)

He’s old enough to be my father.
He might have killed my ex-boyfriend.
And his scandalous offer leaves me speechless.

Not only is my ex dead, he left me with a sizable loan.
So an intimidating Russian mobster arrives at my door.

Maksim, with his piercing dark eyes, sparks a fire within me.
He proposes the unthinkable: repay him with my body.

I immediately reject his offer … but the indecent proposal haunts me for days.
In the privacy of my bed, the handsome silver fox dominates my thoughts.
I touch myself gently and scream his name in abandon.

A knock at the door startles me.

It’s Maksim.
He bugged my apartment.
And now he’s here to claim what we both desperately need.

Dive into a full-length standalone romance featuring a single dad, older man, bratva enforcer within the notorious bestselling Silver Fox Daddies series. Be sure to have a cool glass of water handy—the heat level is off the charts! K.C. Crowne is an Amazon Top 6 Bestseller and an International Bestselling Author.

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The Arrangement: An Age Gap, Bratva Romance (Silver Fox Daddies)