Thank you, Chasity M!

Thanks to Chasity M, we’re loving your book recommendations! Stay safe as you continue to work.

They consider my place of work essential but I’m just a cook. I don’t feel like I should be an essential worker, not like the nurses, doctors and emt’s that are actually battling this pandemic. Most of my coworkers have been laid off because business is slow and I’m only working a few hours a week.

I’ve been keeping myself busy reading the start to the Dirty Heroes collection (The Black Fox by Brianna Hale) and Draekan Mates by Lee Savino and Lili Zander. I also absolutely adored Chasing Her Lion by Golden Angel and all 4 of Jagger Coles books. Hope you’re staying safe and busy!

Btw, Chasity, no one’s “just” a cook… you’re feeding and nourishing other keyworkers so they can do their thing. We think that’s pretty awesome, girl!