Tempted by the Songstress : A Ménage Romance (Behind the Scenes Book 1)

We thought lightning never struck twice—and then we met her.


Two men, one woman, all in one happy relationship? It’s the stuff of legend. So when we lost the woman we both loved, we knew better than to hope for that kind of future with anyone else.

As best friends and partners on the Miami police force, Lincoln and I share a lot—including that heartbreak. I survive on a steady diet of jokes, workouts, and no-strings hookups. Low stakes. All on the surface. No one gets hurt. Linc hides the pain behind a stoic exterior—but he hates going home to the empty house that reminds him of what we both lost.

Between our own coping mechanisms and a shared tendency to work too damn much, we’re keeping it together—barely.


And then we meet Gentry Hays, the sweetest, sexiest girl on the planet—and a talented blues artist to boot. Just watching her perform is like a religious experience—and getting her in our bed? Transcendental.

She’s everything we both want—everything we both need. But we thought we had that once before, and it damn near killed us. Falling in love with this girl is dangerous territory, and I don’t know if our hearts can take it. And when we’re assigned a case she’s wrapped up in, our hearts and our jobs are on the line.

But whatever happens, we’ll do whatever it takes to protect Gentry, our second lightning strike, our everything.

And if anyone tries to hurt her, they’re in for one hell of a storm.

***Tempted by the Songstress is a ménage romance for fans who like feisty heroines and bossy cops ready to protect and serve. HEA guaranteed.***

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