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Your recommended reads for today,
November, 30th, 2020.

Admit You Need Me

I live by a million rules.
But this one is the most important:

Never do relationships.

Maggie’s sweet face demanded me to kiss it.
Her red, fiery hair asked for me to run my fingers through it.
But that was supposed to be it.
Just one night.
As a former military man and the owner of a billion-dollar business, I’ve got a tough life.
I’ve got enough complications of my own.
But Maggie left a mark on me that I couldn’t get rid of.
She made me want to help her out.
Rescue her from her abusive ex.
Now all I think about is her gorgeous curves.
I crave another taste of her.
I know that she hates relationships as much as I do.
But if I can change my mind and give this a shot, can she do it too?
Especially if she’s carrying a part of me inside her belly?

♨️ Heat Level 4

Life to the Max

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The reserved, quietly confident Jeneva Reese is focused on buying a business. Meanwhile, the relationship with her current boyfriend is fulfilling, and on the surface looks to have the potential for happily ever after. Until she meets a tall, dark and handsome playboy which brings everything to question.

Maxim Montgomery is a successful telecomm sales manager, lifetime bachelor, and breathtakingly beautiful. His biggest commitment is to his dog. He has no intention of ever settling down. Can he be convinced otherwise?

As Max and Jen’s friendship grows, the chemistry between them is undeniable and soon Max makes her an offer that is near-impossible to resist. Does she have the guts to risk it all?
🔥 Heat Level 5

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White House Affair: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

A shrieking hot stranger saves me on my way home from my college graduation party.
He looks like a GQ model. Plus, he’s charming, intelligent, and funny. I figure I’ll never see him again, so why not have a little fun?

He brings me to his apartment, and we spend the wildest night of my life.
But when I start my new job the next morning I’m in shock: My unexpected Romeo from last night is my new boss! Matthew Storm. Billionaire Senator. Political powerhouse.

We can’t been seen together – after all, image is everything in Washington. People think Matthew is a “good boy” and an all-American kind of guy. But there is a dark side about him that the public doesn’t know.
And the deeper I dig, the more secrets I discover.

Can I get out of this wicked game before my heart is crushed to pieces and my career is ruined – or is there a chance for us after all?

♨️ Heat Level 4

Falling for the Client

I’m trying to get my business off the ground and I need one big break.
Landing Wentworth Customs is a dream come true.

Until I meet the owner.
Damian is rude, dismissive, difficult, and annoyingly hot. He doesn’t think he needs my help, but fortunately his CFO thinks differently. At first, my plan is to avoid him completely and just do my job.
But the low-slung jeans and obnoxiously tight t-shirts make it hard.

Soon I find myself bent over his desk and enjoying every minute of it. But just when I think I’ve cracked Damian’s hard exterior,
He slams it shut in my face again.
I’m determined to finish out my contract and be done with him, But I’ve gone and done the thing I said I’d never do—I caught feelings.

Now when my life is hanging in the balance, Will Damian show up to save me, or will he leave me dangling when I need him most?

♨️ Heat Level 4

Christmas of Love

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This December, Ivy wishes she could just skip all the festivities. Parties? No thanks. Getting together with family? Not even. Mistletoe? Let’s not go there. But everything changes when she meets a rugged cowboy with a slow, sexy smile. Austin’s kiss melts her heart, but can two people with painful secrets have a chance at happily ever after?

♨️ Heat Level 4