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October, 19th, 2020.

Say You Love Me

Drop dead gorgeous or not – I wanted to forget all about him and move on. I officially hate Jeremy Wyatt.

Which is kind of complicated, because he turns out be my new boss.

He asks me to stay in his office for overtime. And the butterflies are immediately back again. A few weeks later, morning sickness tells me that the unthinkable has happened…

♨️ Heat Level 4


Abducted. Knocked up. A royal alien warrior hunts down his mate’s enemies.

A new mother discovers the power of her bonding marks.

Vivian’s landed on planet Yedahn with warrior Tai’ri, and now she’s having his baby.
A baby enemies are determined to take.
But a Yadeshi warrior keeps what he claims. And a mother is the most dangerous of them all.

♨️ Heat Level 4

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Draekon Warrior

Captured in space. Imprisoned.
Sold to the highest bidder.

But my biggest problem is the bossy, aggravating, impossible, alien who’s supposed to rescue me.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Connor’s Baby
She walked into my pub.
Invaded my island paradise.
Invaded my fantasies.
I had to have her.

I moved to St. Martin after I retired from the Navy SEALS. It was paradise at a slower pace, perfect for avoiding my demons, trying to forget the PTSD that came with those covert missions.

Brandi is a pretty blond tourist with sad eyes.
When I walk her back to her hotel one night, our passion ignites. Blazing kisses lead to more. This fling is a bad idea.
Sexiest bad idea I ever had.

A one-night stand turns into more. Feelings I can’t control. Desire I can’t fight.
I can’t give her what she deserves. I have to let her go. Make sure she never looks back, never wants to see me again.
It’s for her own good.
Too bad I figure out too late that I can’t live without her in my bed and in my life.
I have to find her. Beg her to take me back.
Then I’ll make her beg and scream my name again. It seemed like a good plan, till I laid eyes on her.

And discovered I’m not the only one who was keeping a secret.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Admit You Miss Me

Most girls would kill to carry his baby.
Charles Hampton… the billionaire heartthrob that I had to dump seven years ago.

My plan, right before I ran away from him, was pretty simple.

Get over the rich dude and his snooty family that would never accept me. Care for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal illness. Forget that anything had changed.

But no, life threw a curveball and the only way around it was to be a surrogate for Charles. The man that I’d fallen for seven years ago. The man that I’d tried to forget ever since.

He offered me a million bucks to carry his baby. The same money that I’d use for my mother’s treatment. I didn’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

His only catch?
I’d have to live with him until the baby is born.
My only wish?
We couldn’t fall in love again.

But what if we’d never fallen out of love in the first place?

♨️ Heat Level 4

Bound to the Past

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Step into the hottest BDSM club around and meet the Stronghold Doms…

They were young. They were in love. And in a single instant they were over. Andrew never fully recovered from how they ended. After years apart, Kate has suddenly returned, and Andrew is determined to get the closure he needs to finally put their bittersweet past behind him.

But spending time together proves to be more complicated than this duo expects. Their friends are worried, Kate’s sister is still working against them, and they’ve both grown into entirely different people.

When Kate decides to take the plunge and scene with Andrew again, a second chance seems all but guaranteed, but the messiness of their breakup won’t be settled without a fight. This time, will Kate and Andrew choose to battle for each other?

🔥 Heat Level 5