Dig through the ashes to find a spark of the real man she loved.

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
March, 9th, 2020.

A sexy shifter, a secret baby, and a second chance? Whiskey and Wolves: Bad Alpha Dads (Shifters and Sins Book 1) is a superb start to the Shifters and Sins series. A steamy-hot read to sink your teeth into. Enjoy!

But that’s not all… Tequila and Tigers: Bad Alpha Dads (Shifters and Sins Book 2) and Bourbon and Bears: Bad Alpha Dads (Shifters and Sins Book 3) are waiting for you too. Binge read the series now! 

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Whiskey and Wolves: Bad Alpha Dads (Shifters and Sins Book 1)

A single wolf shifter. A surprise baby. Enemies who want to make his little girl an orphan, and his old lady a widow.

Five minutes ago it was just Jensen and the start of a brawl with members of a rival motorcycle gang, until a former one night stand walks into the bar and reveals he has a daughter.

Five minutes ago he was a single wolf shifter. Now he has to sober up and protect his woman and child.

Her child’s father returned, an alpha wolf shifter with a bad boy edge. Noelle didn’t know that would mean becoming the targets of a motorcycle gang. Didn’t know their chemistry would morph into something deeper, something worth fighting for.

What the Reviews Say

Packed full of danger, sizzling steamy moments, accepting the past and moving on, finding your mate and your daughter on the worst day of your recent life, and becoming so much more than could have been imagined. I loved this story, the characters are intense and believable (for the genre).

Fantastic! Another engaging and action-packed story from Cecilia Lane. The male characters are flawed and not all want to be alpha. They are all strong but vulnerable. The female characters are strong but remain feminine. They are not easy to push around and will fight for what they want!

Beautiful women, out of control pups, and big burly biker shifters. Who can’t help but love that. There are lot of emotions running high in this book and you cannot help but pray that Jenson finds what he needs in the end before he loses it all.
The flow of this book is excellent and you will get lost in the pages.

Noelle is just perfect for Jensen and he for her. Redwater is just full of secrets and the “little” pack is just perfect for Redwater. Jensen, Wyatt , and Ellis are just what this town needs. This “little” pack will make a difference to Redwater. Very enjoyable and interesting novel.

If you think you’re irredeemable you’re usually not. Neither is Jensen. In this second chance love story Noelle and Jensen have the cards stacked against them. I like these characters, if shifters were real they would be like them. A fierce single mom looking after her daughter and a reluctant leader who fights for right but doesn’t feel qualified to be alpha. With just enough action, angst, and sweet sexy romance.