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Your recommended reads for today,
March, 9th, 2020.

Whiskey and Wolves

A single wolf shifter. A surprise baby. Enemies who want to make his little girl an orphan, and his old lady a widow.

Five minutes ago it was just Jensen and the start of a brawl with members of a rival motorcycle gang, until a former one night stand walks into the bar and reveals he has a daughter.

Five minutes ago he was a single wolf shifter. Now he has to sober up and protect his woman and child.

Her child’s father returned, an alpha wolf shifter with a bad boy edge. Noelle didn’t know that would mean becoming the targets of a motorcycle gang. Didn’t know their chemistry would morph into something deeper, something worth fighting for.

♨️ Heat Level 4

Back To You

Lights. Camera. Total nightmare.

The man of my dreams is Hollywood’s hottest
But I’m not one of his crazy fan girls.
I’m his ex-girlfriend.
The high school sweetheart that left him behind.
My career came first.
And now, it’s what has led me back to him.
His name is in lights, and I’m working on his next blockbuster movie.
Watching him shirtless on-set has me second guessing all my life choices.
And spending the night with him?
Well, that has me second guessing my intelligence.
A commoner dating Hollywood royalty.
The world would chew us up.
His rabid fans will destroy my life faster than I can blink.

Being with him feels right when were alone in the dark, but the paparazzi’s flash reminds me that this is only a beautiful nightmare.

? Heat Level 5

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♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

B is for Boss’s Baby

He’s my boss.
He’s 15 years older than me.
Against the rules.

My life was already turned upside down.
I’m on my own for the first time after being
disinherited by my parents. Now I have to go and work for my money. Which ended up with getting a crush on my boss. He’s six foot plus of blond Nordic hotness, total alpha male. More than a crush, really. A volcano.
Flames, passion, someone who has me erupting.

It has to be a secret. No one can ever know.
Now we’re in Paris together, the most romantic city in the world.
Supposedly for our campaign photo shoot…
But ends up being one stolen week together.
Lost in the throes of passion. I’ve never felt this way before. Then coming back to reality, his ex shows up. I guess it was a one-week affair after all. Except I brought a pastry home not usually made in Paris…
A bun in the oven. I’m pregnant.

Nik can never know.
He has his own life.
I’ll just have to go on with mine.
Knowing he’s the only man I’ll ever love.

? Heat Level 5

Dear Dr. August, Part I: The Early Sessions (The Dr. August Confessions Book 1)

Since the age of eighteen, Suzanna has feared that her sexual desires and choices have kept her from reaching her full potential.
She’s finally found a therapist who says he can help her–
Dr. August. Older. Wiser. Attractive.
But first, before he can treat her, she must confess to him every sexual encounter she has ever had.
There have been…a lot.
And she’s started writing them all down for him. And for you.

? Heat Level 5

In His Office

“Don’t tell anyone about what happens in here. Never ever.”

Amelia is desperate: Her new boss is not only cold and arrogant but also dominant and demanding. Apart from that, Robert Hardy looks like a GQ model and she gets goosebumps every time she’s near him.

He has two firm rules for his company. Number one: Never get involved with a female employee. Number two: Never break rule number one.

His charming side seems to be reserved for clients. Nothing Amelia does ever seems to be good enough for him. And with each time she messes something up, with every unwritten law she breaks, she fears she will lose the job she needs so badly.

Until Robert finally starts ordering Amelia in his
office. And tells her to close the door. For good reason: Suddenly Robert starts breaking his own rules … as well as Amelia’s heart?

? Heat Level 5

The Sexorcist


Sutter Avenue Paranormal Society (SAPS) are called in to investigate a haunted bed and breakfast as a favor to a friend. Hope believes the tales of a horny entity pleasuring guests are just a clever publicity stunt, but finds herself pleasantly surprised by the paranormal evidence she collects…as well as a chance encounter with a handsome television producer.

Warning: The Sexorcist (6,800 words) contains seance seductions, erotic nighttime visitations, and paranormal pickup lines.

? Heat Level 5