Sometimes exes come in handy…

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
May, 14th, 2020.

Small town, sweet romance with a wonderful fake engagement The Surprise Wedding is an easy read, the perfect escape. Strong lead characters and a fantastic story line will keep you gripped throughout.

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The Surprise Wedding

Sometimes exes come in handy.

Devon Mattson’s week couldn’t get much worse. Not only is he fake engaged to the sexy woman who broke his heart a decade ago, but his goal of saving his hometown of Blueberry Springs has become
dependent on the two of them playing nicely.

Olivia Carrington isn’t happy to have her ex back in her life. She’s spent ten long years regretting how they ended things and she’s worked hard to move on. She should be focusing on saving her family’s company, not on the handsome, helpful, fun-loving Devon who has just offered her a lifeline she can’t resist…

Tied together by mutual need, will they ruin each other’s chance of success, or will a fake
engagement help them overcome their painful past and lead them back to love once again?

What the Reviews Say

I laughed, cried, got angry…the whole gamut of emotions. But this isn’t an angsty book, it’s a sweet romance full of hope for the future. Full of love. All kinds of love, not just romance. That is one of the things I love about Jean Oram’s books–they showcase all kinds of love and are full of hope. A feel good read.

This is a sweet story of healing, forgiveness and moving forward but there are many obstacles along the way. Others don’t want a resolution and will not stop to end their efforts fail.

This trip is going to be the one that changes their lives. It is such a good story. One that is hard to put down once you start. I really enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it. A good read. There were a few steamy scenes but they were mostly left to the imagination and just inferred. I thought it was a very good read.

The characters were well made. Their actions and reactions… their emotional responses… all realistic. The town as a whole was a great secondary character.

Wow, and I do mean wow! This novel was excellent and thorough without becoming explicit! I love romantic novels and this one had a wonderful storyline to keep me entertained! Fabulous!