Smoky Mountain Christmas

The Bedfords are playing matchmaker. And they have a little help.

Grace and Ray Bedford have opened up the family home for their annual Christmas party and half of the Gatlinburg area has been invited. This includes Reeanne Hawthorne, owner of Smoky Mountain Sweets, a popular local candy store. A classic workaholic, Reeanne only came to the Bedford’s Christmas party because she was pressured by a friend into accepting the invitation. Feeling out of place in the crowd, Reeanne thought she’d be better off doing inventory or going over the books. At least until a certain firefighter caught her eye.

Seth Bennett still hasn’t gotten over the fact his best friend, Colt Bedford, beat him at his chance at Amy, the girl of Seth’s dreams. He couldn’t hold a grudge, though, especially since Colt and Amy are engaged. And since Seth considers the Bedfords more like family than friends, there are no hard feelings. Especially once Seth meets Reeanne.

When Amy’s sisters, along with the Bedfords, notice the sparks between Seth and Reeanne, they count on some Christmas magic (and a little scheming) to help the pair meet under the mistletoe.

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