Shh… I’ll Be Your Lover (Small Town Romances)

Yeah, this is a very small town.
But Ben has one HUGE…
Heart. Amongst other things.
And those hands that whip up gourmet food,
Could also ravish my entire body.

Geez, Kathy! That is no way to think about the new guy in town!
Especially when he is a single dad with a kid to take care of.
Who am I kidding? As a family lawyer myself…
He already has my heart and doesn’t even know it.

Late one night, Ben and I are caught in a storm at the diner.
Clothes are torn off. One thing leads to another.
Nothing in my life has ever felt so right.
But things are bound to go wrong.

His ex is back and wants Cooper.
I know that little boy is better off with his dad.
And I’m just the lawyer to fight for them.
To give that boy the life he deserves with Ben, and hopefully me too.

I just have to make sure I win the case.
And make sure Ben doesn’t find out two little things:
That I’m in love with him.
And that I’m carrying his baby.

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