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August, 9th, 2021.

Confessions of a Bossy Protector: Frat House Confessions

Aubree Berry
Freshman year. The year of decisions. Of big changes on the horizon. Of the future. A future I’m not ready to decide on. So when Summer break rolls around and a girls trip to Las Vegas is on the cards, who am I to say no? One last ditch attempt to ignore the future and my looming responsibility. One last time to play along; heart and all, but will I live to regret it?

Easton Ashby
Ever the peace keeper. The one they come to with problems. Now, my best mates are taking me in hand and dragging me on their couples holiday. A fifth wheel if ever there was such a thing. That is until I set my sights on someone. A sexy golden waved blond with ocean deep blue eyes who sees the real me. She forces me to own my decisions and take what was meant to be mine. Until I run back to the Fraternity house, with a secret in tow.

Will Easton and Aubree work through their secret and find each other again? Can the Fraternity boys forgive Easton for not revealing his secret? Follow Easton and Aubree’s story for a holiday contemporary romance with an added twist or two.

Heat Level 4

(Twisted Devils
MC Book 11)

I kidnapped her out of revenge.
I’m keeping her because I want her.

Alessia travels under a fake name, a secret identity.
It’s meant to keep her safe.
Safe from men like me.

As the VP of the Twisted Devils MC, it’s my job to protect my club.
Kidnapping the spitfire daughter of the Marchetti mafia don is a gamble worth taking.
Even if it starts a battle that could get us all killed.

See, Alessia’s father thinks he can cut in on the MC’s territory.
He’s dead wrong, and I’m going to teach him a painful lesson.
Doesn’t hurt that I can’t keep my hands off his daughter’s curves.

I took her because she’s the only daughter of my enemy.
A beautiful pawn and a fleeting amusement.
But Alessia soon becomes more than my prisoner.

She’s the mafia princess
destined to be my queen,
and I’ll fight a war to
make her mine forever.

”Goldie” is book 11 in the Twisted Devils MC series and is a steamy, enemies to lovers story. Contains violence, dirty-talking bikers, hot romance, no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a HEA. Can be read as a standalone.

Heat Level 4

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Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Falling in Love:
A Secret Baby Romance

Everyone deserves second chances.
But could you try again after having a heart so broken?

I’m a successful mechanic with a good life.
Now I’m acting like I lost my damn mind.
It’s scary how a piece of the past can do that to you.

Running after her when she walks out on me,
Kissing her breathless in the street.
Lying awake thinking of her,
Realizing my first love was the one that got away.
Correction, the one I pushed away.

But as fate would have it,
A bad storm leaves us stranded together.
Who knew that a rekindled romance from high school.
Could end up as what I want for the rest of my life?

But now she’s the one pushing me away.
She won’t talk to me.
She doesn’t trust me.
It’s like losing her all over again.

This time, I won’t run away.
This time I’m fighting for what’s always been mine.

Heat Level 4

Mister Know It All: A Hero Club Novel

What’s a girl to do when she discovers that her boss/boyfriend (I don’t need a lecture, thank you very much!) is a cheating windbag?

Dump him and quit her job, of course.

After that, it was supposed to be the Summer of Me—a totally self-indulgent few months.
Except that I met a drop-dead gorgeous Viking with a bossy attitude.
We clashed on his arrogance and crassness, but geek bonded over Star Wars and Star Trek.

He offered himself as a no-strings-attached candidate for my get-my-groove-back sex plan, and I left because he already had a girlfriend, even if they were on a break.
But I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
I really, really needed to find someone less complicated, but he infiltrated my thoughts.
He was hot, after all (And his towel might have slipped on purpose.) Seriously hot.

No matter how many times I decided not to pursue anything with him, he kept showing a softer side of himself. But we couldn’t keep going like that, neither here nor there.

Some decisions had to be made.
One that could change everything.

Heat Level 4

An enemies to lovers billionaire romance

Family comes first.

The sentiment has been drilled into Latricia’s mind since birth.
When she’s forced to choose between self-respect or her family, what would she sacrifice?

The first time she saw Heath McCreath, he was out for blood. Her brother’s blood.

At their second meeting, he vowed to make her pay for her brother’s crimes.
As if his promise to destroy everything she loved isn’t bad enough, the threats come from the sexiest mouth she’s ever seen.
He’s her blackmailer and she shouldn’t feel anything for him, so why does her body betray her?

Now she has to decide, him or her?

Heat Level 4

A Standalone Roommate Reverse Harem Romance

After being dumped at a strip club during my bachelorette party, I’m rescued by four hot-as-sin men who work there.

One moment, I’m staring at the gorgeous twin strippers on stage. The next, I’m reading a devastating text from my fiancé. I moved here for that jerk, and now I have nowhere to go.

Then four men step in to dry my tears and invite me to the house they share. I should be mourning the end of my engagement, but instead I’m mesmerized by my new roommates.

They’re all different, but united on one front: they don’t want me to leave. Somehow, I feel more at home with these men than I ever did with my ex. Being in their arms and in their beds awakens feelings I’ve never experienced—feelings that soon turn into something more.

Then an unexpected event threatens to separate the men I love. Can I find the strength to keep us all together?

Heat Level 4