She’s been through an ordeal, but now she owes me

Our recommended read for today,
May, 4th, 2021.

A sizzling hot romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating and can be read as a standalone. Lucky: Dark Irish Mafia Romance is an intense, enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance. Go “all-in” with this one, you’ll love it.

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Lucky: Dark Irish Mafia Romance
(O’Sullivan Brothers Book 1)

He’s concerned with one thing only: ruling his mafia empire. She’s sworn off men—especially bad ones—for life. Despite their instant hostility, these two are on a hot collision course, and the collateral damage could be catastrophic.


I know all about being down on my luck but, right now, I’m at the top of the mafia food chain, and I don’t intend to let anything, or any woman, get in my way.

Then this broad appears in my casino. Prudence Knight is a straight-up hustler, a card shark who wins hand over fist, and I refuse to be impressed.

With her smartass attitude combined with the angelic looks, she’s begging to be controlled by a mafia man like me.

I don’t plan on taking it easy on Prue. Sure, she’s been through an ordeal, but now she owes me. I’m gonna find a reason to keep her for as long as she serves my purposes. Because, after years of being under my dad’s despicable rule, the only risks I take are the ones I know will benefit me in the end.


I’ve been known to be hardheaded and I’m definitely all about my independence. I bust my butt to earn a living and I have no desire to be any man’s pawn. Not even Lucky O’Sullivan’s.

Oh yeah. I’ve heard of him. Who hasn’t? The rumors, the gossip, the mafia myths. He’s said to be an unrepentant killer, and that might be the least of my worries. I hate him at first sight, and the feeling seems to be mutual until he makes me an offer I really should refuse.

Now I owe him, which makes this arrogant mob boss think he owns me. I’m getting in too deep, but at what cost?

What the Reviews Say

Prudence Knight is a tiny blonde who only Texas Hold ‘Em every Saturday. She knows how to win. Prue is a snarky, feisty blonde who speaks her mind freely. She has just been banned from the casino by a hot Irish brute and then offered a job by this very man. She knows how to get under Lucky’s skin, riling him up until he blows.

This is such a deliciously dark series. Lucky is the oldest of the O’Sullivans and leads this branch of their Mafia organization. These two go at each other and it is so fun to read the snark between them is hilarious, but it is a cover up for the intense chemistry and the magnetic pull each of them is feeling.

I absolutely loved this first book in the O’Sullivan Brothers series. Loved getting to know Lucky, Dex, and Kelly. And Prue’s sister, Derry (who I want to be when I grow up! She’s amazing!). And I loved getting caught up with the Krasnov brothers too. I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

Lucky is a must read for those of you that like men who make no apologies for who they are and what they do. Sit back and fire up the kindle with Lucky by Rie Warren.

An engaging, action packed fun filled ride with plenty of drama. And the drama is not all from the women, the O’Sullivan brothers provide plenty too. If you liked/loved Rie’s previous books this will book will not let you down. If you are new to Rie’s stories, jump right on in with Lucky. You’ll probably want to go read more of her books after finishing this one.