She’s alone, defenseless, and out of options.

Our pick of Reverse Harem Romance for today,
January, 26th, 2021.

Who can you trust when your magic drives everyone insane? Stillbringer is a thrilling reverse harem romance you’ll stay up all night to finish. A nameless girl is on the run from the only life she’s ever known. Is she brave enough to ally herself with the monster she finds during her flight? Or will she fall back into the hands of her evil family?

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After learning her family plans to kill her, Aeyli escapes the prison she’s been kept in ‘for the greater good’. She manages to stay one step ahead of her pursuers until a stroke of bad luck leaves her alone, defenseless, and out of options. Faced with certain death, Aeyli flees into the night and lands in the middle of a battlefield. Is she brave enough to ally herself with the monster she finds there, or will she die, never learning the true nature of the power burning inside her?

Agent Fourteen has no thought beyond the current mission—his mind, his life, and his will are bound tightly under the yoke of The Company. A momentary break in his conditioning is all it takes for him to yearn for freedom. Can Fourteen fight his programming long enough to attain true freedom, or is he doomed to be a mindless puppet for the rest of his life?

Following a tragic event, Guardian Marshall has spent the past five years trying to patch up the crumbling walls of his soul. The hauntingly familiar details of a new case draw his attention like nothing has since that terrible day. Will he be able to separate fact from fiction? Or will Marshall lose what is left of his soul?

What the Reviews Say

The book took off like a demon from hell. From the first page to the last it was a wild ride. Action and more action with a budding romance woven into the story. Very balanced from romance to action. Loved it!

I’m not always the best with words so I will keep this simple: If you have not read this book you are MISSING OUT.

Love love loved this book! The chemistry these characters have is smoldering and nothing sensual has happened yet! The bads are bad and the good guys are awesome! The storyline is seriously creative and you will find it hard to put down.

Fast-paced and easy to read. I liked the way the author wove in demons, magic and the “real world”.

Was up all hours of the night reading this masterpiece. I couldn’t put it down. Loved each character and the skilful story weaving was phenomenal! Can’t wait to read the next book.