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Your recommended reads for today,
September, 10th, 2021.


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When a mission for the Sol Intelligence Agency gets out of hand, Sierra will need to use every skill she has and work with a mysterious alien warrior who awakens an unquenchable desire within her. He’s cold and forbidding, but when he looks at her there’s a fire in his eyes that opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Heat Level 4

A Fallen Knight


Two kingdoms at war. A man fights for a cause he doesn’t believe in. A woman restores his hope for a better life. Can their love survive the conflict between their countries?

Heat Level 1

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Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Didn’t Expect You

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Didn’t Expect You is a Billionaire Romance of unexpected surprises, exciting encounters, and flirty love. Single Mom-to-Be meets Playboy.

Heat Level 4

Mysteries of Lady Theo

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It was left to her to fulfill her family’s duty to the Crown.

When Lady Theodora Neale’s papa dies, a volume guarded by her family for generations comes into her possession—and with it a sacred duty. Lady Theo is determined to honor her papa’s deathbed request to carry out missions directed by the esteemed Lord Archbroke.

But when Archbroke suggests they enter into a feigned courtship, Lady Theo is blindsided.

She’s willing to put her life on the line for the Crown, but no one said anything about risking her heart!

Heat Level 5

Hard to Love

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He was the one-night stand that didn’t exactly go as planned. Now he’s standing before me as if he’s never seen me naked, telling my manager he’ll take the job. Reluctantly.

Finn Sanderson.

Sports agent extraordinaire. Handsome as hell. The man who just signed on to control my every move.

Heat Level 4

Accounting for Love

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When Stetson inherits the family farm, he inherits a stack of unpaid bills too. Unfortunately for his sanity, the bank auditor who’s been sent to examine his accounts is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

Can she find a way to save his farm?
And if she can’t, will he ever forgive her?

Heat Level 4