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February, 10th, 2021.

Alpha Dragon’s Nanny

Josselin was my assistant’s idea. He was convinced that she was perfect.
And she was.
Possibly, she was a little too perfect.
Short, sassy, with an angelic face and a mind that turned me on instead of annoying me.
She was unlike anyone I’d ever met.
But Josselin was human.
I knew better.
So, why was it so hard to deny myself the pleasure?

♨️ Heat Level 4

Red Hot Crush


I’ve had a crush on my brother’s best friend my whole life. Now that he’s my new boss, can I persuade him that I’m a woman, not just his friend’s little sister?

My roommates and I have a pact: by Valentine’s Day, we’ll each have a good man in our lives. But for me, that’s easier said than done.

The only man I’ve ever wanted is Tyler Reynolds, the CEO of an up-and-coming tech company. He’s smart, handsome, and completely irresistible–but he doesn’t even know I work for him, let alone that I’m all grown up.

When we run into each other, sparks fly, but it’s one step forward, two steps back. I can see the attraction in his eyes, but he thinks he’s bad for me.

Somehow, I have to change his mind. What would it take to convince the man of my dreams that I’m the woman of his?

♨️ Heat Level 4

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Spanked and Shared on Valentine’s Day

When three proud aristocrats think they’re betrothed to naïve Lady Jessica, they determine to teach the duplicitous minx a strict lesson she’ll never forget at the Valentine’s Day ball – stripped naked and harshly spanked before the watching crowd.

To her abject shame, the painful, humiliating correction so thrills her untouched body that she willingly surrenders herself to be roughly taken for the very first time by the three men.

Featuring rough multiple penetration, oral and anal play, BDSM, domination, submission, discipline spanking for correction, public humiliation and voyeurism.

🔥 Heat Level 5

Beast Brothers Forbidden

Three mouthwatering Italian brothers, tempting me into forbidden pleasure …

Can you really have too much of a good thing? After a disastrous dating life, I’m finding out it’s true when gorgeous Italian brothers want me to choose between them.

I want them all – but they don’t want to share. How can I possibly pick just one?

These wild, delectable beasts are everything I’ve ever wanted, and my heart insists that they’re mine – all three of them. The only choice I can make is not to choose.

This is a standalone reverse harem romance featuring three brothers hot enough to inspire new fantasies. HEA guaranteed.

🔥 Heat Level 5

One Wild Weekend with Sawyer

The second he pulled out his weapon, she knew she was in trouble…

My job as a photojournalist means I’ve learned to take care of myself.
The last thing I need or want is a roguish thug with a questionable past interfering in my life.

Sawyer might be sexy as f**k, but he’s a friend of my ex’s, and is an unwelcome reminder of everything I’m trying to forget.

But with a hurricane about to hit the coast, hunkering down with him in my historic lighthouse is my only option.

A bottle of tequila, a game of twenty questions and a lot of flirting and I’m done fighting my attraction to him.

He might be incredible in bed, but he refuses to tell me anything about his job, his past or how he knows my ex.

After an explosive weekend together, I’m beginning to think Sawyer is hiding as much as I am…

🔥 Heat Level 5

Snow-Melting Kisses
Friendship turns to attraction in this scorching bi-awakening romance…

Jayden has been in love with Nate, his straight best friend, for half his life. Because of his conservative background, Jayden is deep in the closet, immersing himself in work to fill the empty place where romance should be.

When Jayden blurts out the truth, Nate is shocked but supportive. He even goes to a gay bar as his best friend’s wingman. But after kissing Jayden in a fit of jealousy, Nate realizes he might not be as straight as he thought he was.⁠ ⁠

Tentative exploration quickly leads to a torrid affair. But what happens when the town’s biggest gossip outs them? Can their friendship survive the strain?

This steamy gay romance novel has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

♨️ Heat Level 4