Relentless: Road Kings MC Collection (Books 1-3)

These bikers are possessive and bossy, and will melt you with a look. Drama, suspense, and danger follow these men as they unleash the darkness that lives within. Dare to threaten their woman? Whip-smart and deadly, they’ll make you wish you hadn’t.

VICIOUS (Book One) – Of all the tasks the Prez of the Road Kings has assigned to us, helping a woman cross the Canadian border doesn’t stand out as high-risk. If some rich girl wants to ditch her husband and flee, a passport and a few days of hard travel are no problem. We might even get lucky along the way and then she’ll be off our hands.

RUTHLESS (Book Two) – With checkered pasts and grease under our nails, we’re rough around the edges, and we’re happy to jump from woman to woman. But all that goes out the window when we meet Tessa – a schoolteacher with a buttoned-up attitude and fire in her eyes.

LAWLESS (Book Three) – For the brothers of the Road Kings, our cuts mean more than MC colors; they mean family. We protect our own, so when a woman-hating lowlife makes life miserable for the girl who might be our ride or die, we’re ready to make the problem go away.

***Relentless is a collection of the Road Kings MC, where alpha males live by their own moral code of loyalty and justice. They’re tough-as-nails men who won’t hesitate to unleash the rage that lives inside to protect their woman. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed.***

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