Pierce: Perfectly Bad – A bad boy Mafia dark romance

I take what I want. What I want now is YOU.

I know as soon as I see her. I came to take her, but only to put pressure on her father. I had no idea she would be so beautiful. So impossible to put out of my mind.

He stepped closer and I backed against the wall. My voice shook, “Are you going to force me?”

His nostrils flared.”Is that what you want?” His eyes gleamed and a shock beat through my body. I wanted to smack that grin right off his face.

When I want something from somebody, I’ll take what they love the most. I wanted old man Grace’s club? So I took his curvy, sassy daughter. I didn’t give much thought to her when I slung her over my shoulder and carried her away. She was only collateral. But they say that opposites attract, right?

I have to hold the little minx close or she makes all kinds of havoc. That’s where the real trouble starts. However close I hold my feisty prisoner, the urge to hold her closer and tighter gets stronger. It uncoils like a fat, sleeping python then it lengthens and hardens and nothing will make it sleep until it has fed.

He’s hot as hell, but he’s a ruthless killer

He took me hostage just to steal my daddy’s club. I needed to show him that I wasn’t like the paper-thin dancers and models who flowed into his arms and his bedsheets like a tide. I wanted to smack that smirk right off his chiseled face.

The longer he holds me in his power and try as hard as I might, I can’t push away the thoughts of how it will be if he turns his brutal force on me. Can I resist him? Will I even have the strength to try?

This standalone, novel-length adventure races with passion, pulses with action, and climaxes again and again, rises higher and higher to a full, complete, satisfying and surprisingly happy ever after ending. It’s a bad boy romance like no other and you’re going to love it.

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