Patrick is everything I never realized I wanted…

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April, 10th, 2021.

An opposites attract, millionaire’s secret baby romance: Triplets for The Millionaire is a fully standalone romance from the bestselling Doctors of Denver Series. Transport yourself into the mountains of Denver, Colorado as we follow several sexy doctor’s in their quests to find lasting love and loads of steaminess and fun. Enjoy!

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Triplets for The Millionaire:
A Bad Boy’s Secret Baby Romance

The bad boy millionaire walked away from an avalanche lucky to be alive…
But his eyesight is left jeopardized.

I’ve trained my entire life for this.
And I’m the best in the business.
But, one thing I’m NOT prepared for…
Is the intense desire I have for the sexiest man I’ve ever treated.

Patrick is everything I never realized I wanted…
Filthy rich.
And world famous.

This is wrong in so so many ways.
And lines are being crossed like never before.

The most apparent of those lines…
Are the two red lines on the pregnancy test I’m holding.

Now, I can’t help but wonder…
Will he ever change his mind about not wanting children?

What the Reviews Say

Loved the chemistry between Lola and Patrick. Patrick is a jet setting photojournalist seeking adventures around the world and thought he would never settle down. Lola dedicated he career as an ophthalmologist and also helping the less privileged patients in the clinic. They were drawn to each other right from the beginning, and their lives were about to change.

You got to read this. This story takes you on an adventure. It’s thrilling, sexy, eye-opening, adventurous, compelling, just a joy ride to the end. When life gets a little complicated Patrick is rock she turns to..

This is such a wonderful story. Ms. Crowne really knows how to grab ahold of the reader from page one and continues to hang onto them and carries them right along with the characters as if you are right there with them. I’ve yet to be disappointed in one of her books. I recommend this story.

A sexy, engaging and thrilling story with captivating characters in Patrick and Lola. Their chemistry sizzled in this very entertaining book. A lot of fun.

This is about Patrick and Lola finding love when neither were expecting or even wanting it! It only takes an avalanche for them to realize what they have is pretty awesome. This series is just as hot as you expect from KC Crowne!