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November, 25th, 2019.

Hannah and Hawk

A trip over his knee didn’t solve everything, did it?

Hannah’s entire focus is the little hardware store she and her brother own together. When the father of one of her employees walks in, she feels her world shift. He’s older, stern, hot, demanding – what has she gotten herself into?

Derrick Hawk looks into the blue eyes of the little blonde and falls, hard. But she is young, just starting her life and business, while he is well established and has already raised a child. Does he want to start over again? How would they mesh their lives together? Could they?

? Heat Level 2

Nicolai Powerful

Bouncy under an unruly mop of hair, ‘dirty blonde’ I believe it is called, she bursts into the executive elevator. A pair of watery eyes, wet red lips and curves that set my mind on fire. A merger with her assets would be strictly against company policy. I should know, it’s my company. But we’re going to play by my rules now.
I haven’t given a thought to love in years but this feisty a young intern has changed all that. What’s on the table is going to be her. This young firecracker may be a data whizz but all I can think about is how her curves will yield under my firm hand.

He’s so big he takes my breath away. He’s so stern he makes me tremble. And he’s so off-limits that he really shouldn’t make me feel the way that I do. I definitely should not picturing him in any of the ways that I do.
He’s older, and it turns out, he’s my new boss. In fact in this corporation, he’s everybody’s new boss. But when he commands me, the feeling I get is so strong I don’t know how I’ll be able to resist.

He’s too old! He’s too big! His demands are too outrageous! But when this ruthless Russian hunk feels how his little intern responds to his discipline, his cold heart melts and turns to pumping hot lava. No cheating, just a lot of warm love, and the endings are all guaranteed Happy Ever After.

? Heat Level 5

Choose your Heat!
? Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
? Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
♥️ Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
♨️ Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
? Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

Finding Rowena

Adopted as an infant, Rowena Erikson has a nearly perfect life, with wonderful, loving parents and her sexy, dominant husband, Octavius, who adores her.

She’s always wondered about her biological family, but she never thought she’d actually meet them, until an extraordinary series of events reveals she has not just one, but two identical sisters.

She is a triplet!

But, her newfound family is nothing like she imagined. Each sister is struggling with her own heartache, and as Rowena has learned the hard way, perfect is only an illusion.

? Heat Level 5

Daddy’s Best Friend

17 years age gap.
Strictly off-limits.

Why does something so wrong feel so right?
My dad’s best friend is a single dad of twins…
And my secret crush.

I’m the only one who can clear his name…
But he’s too scared to let me get close.

The uptight Mayor needs to relax…
And I’ll do whatever it takes to loosen him up.

I’ll prove there’s no age restriction when it comes to lust…
Or to falling in love.

But there’s one small problem…
I need to work up the courage reveal my secret…
That his twin daughters will soon have a baby brother or sister to share their daddy with!!

Warning: This taboo, older man romance is sure to leave your kindle on fire. Grab a cool beverage and enjoy this sweet forbidden romance.

? Heat Level 5

In the Palm of His Hand

When two very different worlds collide…

Hailey Rose is a palm reader, a fortune teller, complete with crystal balls and Tarot cards in her little shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. She is a throwback to the sixties with her boho style and long, blonde hair.

Joshua Abbott is a marketing guy. A handsome business type who has been seeing Hailey professionally for over a year. She’s predicted his promotion, that he’d find the perfect condo, and just about everything that’s happened in his life recently. But he is ready to find his soulmate, and Hailey hasn’t quite been able to tell him about her, except that there will be someone in his future.

They are as different as day and night, but Hailey has fallen in love with Josh. She knows it can never happen, and it would be unethical for her to predict that she was his soulmate. Josh is attracted to her too, but she’s just not his type. But when they begin to go out as friends, they soon discover they have much more in common than they realized.

When a lifelong dream that Josh thought was out of his reach becomes a possibility, will he have to choose between his new love and that dream?

♥️ Heat Level 3

The Enchanted Doll: A Dark Fantasy Romance

When Mila Jacobs returns to her small hometown after a failed music career and a slew of bad relationships in LA, she feels like a failure. Though the town of Goose Pond swirls with the mysterious cases of two children who went missing years ago – one of whom has just turned back up mysteriously as an adult – there’s not much else going on, and Mila regrets having returned almost as soon as she’s arrived.

One night, while fiddling with some old childhood mementos, Mila realizes her old antique dollhouse is missing its female occupant. Compelled to replace it, she chances upon a doll that resembles her own plain Jane appearance, and dubs it the new lady of Whitlocke Manor.

The next morning, Mila is shocked to discover she’s woken up in an exact life-sized replica of the dollhouse she’d played with all her life. There, she’s confronted with the Master of Whitlocke Manor, who’s convinced she’s his new mail-order-bride. Though Mila is warned there’s no way she could safely leave her new residence, she tries anyway, which quickly earns her a trip over the Master’s knee. At first livid at such treatment, she soon comes to enjoy not only the attention of the Master, but her new lavish living conditions as well.

But Whitlocke Manor is still shrouded with mystery, and the more Mila unravels, the more she wonders whether staying at the dollhouse is really what’s best after all.

♨️ Heat Level 4

His Christmas Wish


Carly Bishop loved Christmas…until tragedy struck.

Distraught and grief-stricken over the deaths of her fiancé and brother, she left Hood Hamlet and her Christmas spirit behind, to start over somewhere new. But now, six years later, her family needs her. Carly returns home to face her past and give her niece and nephew the best Christmas ever.

Burdened with guilt, Jake Porter believes he could have saved his two friends on that fateful day and kept Carly from experiencing such a heart-wrenching loss. When she arrives in town, Jake wants to make amends so they can both finally move forward with their lives.

As Jake helps Carly experience the magic of Christmas so she’ll embrace the holiday again, will he also be able to open her heart to something else she’d given up on…love?

? Heat Level 1


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