One Wild Weekend With Spencer: A Steamy Forced Proximity Romance

Audrey has spent her entire life following the rules. But a chance encounter with a handsome bartender and an offer to spend an uninhibited weekend on a private island could change everything…


Her desert island fantasy is about to become sizzling reality…

When my newly divorced cousin, Beth suggests we take a weekend break at a resort in Miami, I reluctantly agree to be her wing woman and her sober driver.

After a night babysitting her at an exclusive nightclub, I’m beyond annoyed she decides to ditch me for being too much of a party pooper.

Worse she’s accidentally taken my car keys.

Luckily, the gorgeous bartender’s shift is ending, so he takes pity on me and drops me back at the resort.

I think he’s just doing his job, but when Spencer knocks on my door it’s to invite me to a private island he has access to.

After a sizzling day in a stunning location, we’re all set to return when the motor on the boat seizes.

Now I’m stranded with an incredibly sexy man I’m pretty sure is lying just to get me to stay on the island.

But after a hotter than hades weekend, and nothing good waiting for me back home, I’m not sure I even care…


If you love fast-burn forced proximity romance, you’ll love the One Wild Weekend Forced Proximity Romance Series! Every book in this steamy series is a standalone story with a happy ending and no cheating!

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