One wild night with my new boss.

It was just one time. Our little secret.

Our recommended read for today,
December, 22nd, 2019.

Not exactly how she’d planned on making an impression… Boss’s Secret Baby for Christmas . A one-night thing turns into something a lot bigger, and there’s a “bump” on the horizon. A great holiday read with enough heat to put you firmly on the Naughty List.

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Boss’s Secret Baby for Christmas

It was just one time.
Our little secret.
One wild night with my new boss.

Hot, jaded, Adam is irresistible and so off-limits.
He’s fresh off a bitter divorce, not looking for a relationship.
I’m focused on my internship and trying to start my career.
Until that first blazing kiss.
We swear it’ll never happen again. But this attraction is explosive.
It’s too complicated, too messy.
And that’s before I find out I’m pregnant with his baby.
I can’t tell him—thanks to his gold-digger ex, since he already believes women are only after his money.
So, I’ll just keep my little secret for now, and try my hardest to keep my hands off my sinfully sexy boss.

But sooner or later my secret will come out.
And I might lose more than just my job.

What the Reviews Say

Intense storyline, fun characters and tons of drama to keep it exciting. Main characters shared a special bond with each other. Many ups and downs in the plot to keep my interest. Enjoyed every page.

A sexy boss you have a hard time saying no to. This book is amazing in every way. It is steamy, sexy, just the right amount of dramatic and the happiness it brings is sure to leave you feeling giddy and joyful. Nothing better than a couple who find this much love and happiness!

Natasha L. Black is one of my favorite authors. This book does not disappoint. I thought the storyline was interesting and a little on the unique side. The characters were really great and easily held my interest from start to finish.

Their chemistry was hot enough to send rockets into space and when the inevitable happens, Mindy will be caught in a place where she is damned if she do or don’t. Will she and Adam have a chance for a happily ever after?

Little does she know what life has in store for her. Six months was all the time she had to convince them that she would be a good fit with their company. Along comes the massive complication of her mutual attraction with her boss. Then there’s the result of their
relationship. How will things end for her? You’ll love this not at all usual Christmas story.


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