No Longer Faking

Guinevere Thatcher plays it safe.

After losing her family as a teenager, Gwen married her high-school sweetheart and focused on a steady career instead of her art. She’s learned to fake satisfaction over the years, especially with her husband. So she’s the last person who should be at a sex party, despite her husband insisting it will help him meet her needs.

Nathaniel Bishop gets what he wants.

Nate has long upheld the Bishop legacy, in business and in pleasuring women. His wife married him for his money, and their open marriage fits both their lifestyles. Too bad he’s bored with it all, especially the interchangeable women. Until he touches Guinevere. Her every response underlines how fake everyone else in his life has always been.

It was only supposed to be for the weekend, but they both want more. But can phenomenal sex really lead to love? For Gwen, it would mean losing the stability she’s depended on. But Nate stands to lose everything once the secret his wife holds over him comes to light. Even Guinevere.

With angsty pasts healed through love, and cheating leading to something deeper, this standalone story has all the steam and no cliffhanger. 18+

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