Vikings’ Brides Box Set

Vikings' Brides Box Set by Jessica Knight
Vikings' Brides Box Set by Jessica Knight

Giving into the Vikings’ demands came with a surprise. Their babies.
The stories of friends that all unexpectedly became a Viking’s bride.

Book 1 – The Viking’s Bride

I tried to run. But there’s nothing he won’t do to have me.
I was forced to marry a ruthless Viking Warlord.
Now, I’m carrying his twins.

Grim is big, fierce, and handsome beyond words.
But he’s a killer, feared by all.
I can’t believe my father would force me to marry this barbarian.
Could a man like that ever love anyone, let alone me?

We’re from two different worlds.
Being with him in fantasy is far different than reality.
A happy marriage seems impossible.
So, I ran. But he found me, put me over his shoulder.
And brought me back to be his bride.

I hate how his gruffness makes my body yearn.
I hate how his touch drives me wild.

But what if there’s more to him than a broken and vicious warrior?
Could I get the happily ever after I’ve dreamed off?
Or will I always be his captive bride?

Book 2 – The Viking’s Wedding
Big, gruff, dominant… and utterly dangerous.
Einarr Thor is a beast of a man. A beautiful savage.
And not to mention we’re different in every way.
The fierce Viking Warlord wants me to be his bride.
And there’s nothing he won’t do to have me.

Book 3 – Beowulf’s Claim
I was left in the woods unconscious, on the brink of death.
He brought me to his cabin and saved me.
I became a caretaker to an orphan boy that he was raising.
But when I recovered my memory and discovered his dark secret, I ran.
I don’t care that he’d search the world for me.
I’d never be Beowulf’s Claim.

Book 4 – The Viking’s Captive
I’m the daughter of his enemy.
In one night, I became his captive Princess.
A way for him to beat my family.
Who is he?
Trident’s a man that takes what he wants.
A gorgeous, giant brute.
At every turn, I fought him.
But there’s a side of him that only I know.
A protective side that made me safer than I’ve ever felt before.
I fell for all of him. I couldn’t deny him any longer.

Marrying him and giving him my innocence is insane and forbidden.
Once our families find out about our news…
It could end this feud or destroy us all.

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