He needs to tell her how he feels before it’s too late.

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June, 23rd, 2020.

Steamy sci fi romance that will send you into orbit! Saved by the Alien Warrior Gandrox: A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance features a blue-skinned alien barbarian male and a strong-willed, feisty human female who melts his heart. This is exciting adventure filled sizzling romance is not to be missed.

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Saved by the Alien Warrior Gandrox: A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance

When Gandrox Thorrig, the Alien Barbarian, meets Terran Allegra Steele he didn’t expect to find his fated mate from the human stowaway.

Allegra and her crew travel from Earth to bring relief to the war-torn Zeta Empire. The crew are nurses and trained in space flight and combat. After
crashing on a dangerous planet, Allegra leads her crew to stowaway on The Torq Runner, thinking the alien spaceship is traveling to the Zeta Empire.

Gandrox, angry about the stowaways, offers to drop them at the nearest outpost so they can find their own way to the Zeta Empire. While he acts tough and leaves the five Terrans behind, he has a major change of heart when he realizes just how much the Terran pulls at his heart and they come back to
rescue them from their uncertain future.

The mission goes awry, the enemy of the Aarans seeks to kill Gandrox and his crew and anyone
associated with them. Is it too late to save the
Terrans from their doomed capture? Will Allegra even survive long enough for Gandrox to tell her the truth of his feelings?

Saved by the Alien Barbarian Gandrox is book 1 in The Aaran Barbarian series, featuring the
blue-skinned alien warrior captain, Gandrox and the self-sacrificing leader of the Terrans, Allegra.

Guaranteed a HEA ending, just for sci-fi romance lovers.