Take a big burly mountain man home for Christmas.

Our recommended read for today,
December, 20th, 2020.

You don’t wanna miss this one: Take a Mountain Man Home for Christmas Forget five gold rings, what your Chrismas needs is SEVEN mountain men! Rediculously hot, irresistably alpha, each one another wonderfully steamy adventure. Best enjoyed with the phone on silent 😉

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Take a Mountain Man Home for Christmas

This holiday season take a big burly mountain man home for Christmas.

This collection is filled with seven satisfying and cozy small-town romances, each nestled in the ice cold and snowy mountains.

You’ll get lost in small-town life, with sweet and sexy mountain men, who are swoon-worthy, rugged and protective.

Cozy up next to seven highly acclaimed books from K.C. Crowne’s Mountain Men of Liberty and Bearded Brothers series’. This is the perfect collection of love stories to curl up with as you sip a cup of hot cocoa next to the fireplace!

Note to readers: If you are new to K.C. Crowne, this is the PERFECT collection to get your feet wet. Or if you are familiar with her latest Liberty series but have not yet read the Bearded Brothers Series, now is your chance to snag it.

What the Reviews Say

Make sure you’re COMPLETELY ready for Christmas before you start reading as you won’t want to put down you Kindle, Fire, or in my case laptop for anything more than another cup of coffee.

DO NOT miss this terrific gift for yourself or for a friend who also loves terrific stories about hunky men (keeping in mind that age is relative and some of us are never too old!)

Hot dam what a great story it had lots of elements like Mafia, criminals, drugs, alcoholic mother, prison time, opposites sides of the tracks and now throw in a baby as well could life get any harder for Jake.

Hubba….Hubba….I’ve taken these mountain men into my heart. They are so rugged…handsome…alpha… kind…

I loved reading this wonderful box set. I can not get enough and this was what I need to make this a good Christmas.