Ménage in Manhattan: The Complete 5-Book Ménage Romance Collection

I wasn’t supposed to want both men.
But I couldn’t choose.
What if I didn’t have to?

If you love steamy ménage romance that’s all about her, grab this Complete 5-book Ménage in Manhattan collection.

Books include:

The Bet – Bailey, Daniel, & Sebastian
Bent on showing up my ex, I enlist billionaire CEO Daniel and rebellious chef Sebastian to teach me pool, fast.
But their lessons soon lead to a steamy ménage…

The Gamble – Gabriella, Dominic, & Carter
I don’t do relationships. I don’t get involved.
Then Dominic and Carter, the two men I haven’t been able to forget, walk back into my life.
It’s the second chance I didn’t know I wanted.
This time, I have to gamble with my heart.

The Heat – Piper, Owen, & Wyatt
My restaurant is failing. I’d do anything to save it. Anything.
Then restaurant investors Owen and Wyatt offer to help.
Of course, there is a catch.

The Wager – Wendy, Hudson, & Asher
I’ve been fired from my job. My life is falling apart. The only people on my side are Hudson and Asher.
I shouldn’t have given in to temptation. I shouldn’t have slept with them.
One night, they said. No promises. Just pleasure.
But the condom failed.
Now what?

The Hack – Miki, Finn, & Oliver
Finn and Oliver. My two wickedly hot, good-looking new bosses.
I’ve been hired to hack into their systems and destroy their company.
No problem. I have skills. I can do this.
Then they find out…

The Ménage in Manhattan series. 5 full-length, standalone, steamy ménage romance novels that are all about her. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed! Grab this special edition boxed set by best-selling author Tara Crescent and dive into romance today!

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