He warned her to stay out. She didn’t listen.

Our recommended read for today,
March, 6th, 2021.

Action, suspence and lava-hot romance. Shark: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Wall Street Beasts) is a jaw-dropping dark romance from the extremely tallented Loki Renard. If tension, off-the-charts chemistry and incredible HEAs are your thing, then this needs to be your next read!

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Shark: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Wall Street Beasts)

He’s a shark. She’s going to be devoured.

Sophie was an innocent college graduate when she took a job at Apex Corporation.
Now she’s going down as a scapegoat for a string of financial crimes carrying lifetime sentences.
Oh, and treason.

There’s no reason for brutal billionaire Alex Roth to save her.
He warned her to stay out of it. She didn’t listen.
The consequences are hers to bear. That’s how it works.
He didn’t get where he is by making exceptions.
And he certainly didn’t get to his position by showing mercy.
So why is he saving her?
And what will it cost her?

Alex is a shark.
Like all sharks, he’ll devour his prey.
Except this time, the prey is bait.
And he’s not the only predator on the prowl.

What the Reviews Say

This book was quite the delectable little page-turner. Suspense, tension, intensity and sizzling steam make an extremely potent brew that pulls you in and has you ensnared in its well crafted web. Sophie and Alex’s tale kept me right on the edge and up past my bedtime.

This storyline blew my mind, kept me anxiously waiting to see what would happen next, caught in suspense and unrivaled impending actions. The craziness and madness that ensued was jaw dropping and eye popping! But that epi-epilogue…this series will be epic!

Wow this blew me away action packed and the suspense was just wow you could never predict what was gonna happen from page to page. Just to get my head wrapped around the twist and turns and the no way that did not just happen was so exciting and fresh it certainly gives you a heart pounding experience and I loved every minute of it.

This is a story filled with mystery, corruption, drama, sexy times and suspense.  This book is so full of twists and turns I had to keep my head on a swivel but it is so, so good!!

This is a story filled with mystery, corruption, drama, sexy times and suspense. Sophie is hired by APEX and from the very beginning I know she is a character that I could get along with because she is so sassy and bratty.

Book Cover