Lethal Enforcer (Sokolov Bratva Book 3)

There’s nothing more dangerous than a killer with everything to lose…


When a lowlife needs to be taught a lesson, the Sokolov Bratva sends me to deliver the message in blood.

I was raised to be the Pakhan’s deadliest enforcer – cold, unflinching, and fiercely disciplined. And until I met Kira Rudavin, I was more than happy to be nothing but a machine. But the flame-haired cocktail waitress at the mafia-run Vegas casino is every bit as sweet as she tastes, and I can’t get enough of her.

Suddenly, the stakes are sky high, and I’m more grateful than ever for my lethal training, because someone is after Kira, and when I find out who, I’m going to track them down and make them pay.


My parents gave up everything to make sure I had a safe, happy life far away from the seedy underworld of Russian crime – so it feels like a cruel joke that it found me in Nevada.

As soon as I found out my waitressing job meant I was on mafia payroll, I quit, trading in the cushy Shining Star Casino for a diner in the rough part of town. But that’s not the hard part – it’s fighting how I feel about dangerous Luka Antonov.

I should be terrified of him – but I’m not. I’ve never felt safer than when his strong body is wrapped around mine, and for the first time in my life, protection is something I truly need.

He could shatter me in the blink of an eye, but instead, he’d do anything to protect me, and knowing it is the most intoxicating thing in the world.

***Lethal Enforcer is a nail-biting, opposites attract suspense novel, book three in the Sokolov Bratva series.***

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Lethal Enforcer (Sokolov Bratva Book 3)