I break knees for a living. But she could break my heart.

Fast paced, steamy romance with a mafia twist.

Our recommended read for today,
December, 1st, 2019.

Get ready for an enemies to lovers, second chance, opposites attract love story. Thug is a fast-paced, steamy romance that shows you what happens when two people from rival mob families have a summer fling they can’t forget. Scorching hot romance.

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Thug: The Doyles: A Boston Irish Mafia Romance

I break knees for a living.
But she could break my heart.

I’m the family enforcer.
So sometimes I get sent on… errands.
I go to Martha’s Vineyard with one job in mind:
Protect our family. Stop a rival mob family from trying to take what’s mine.
I never expected to meet her.
Siobhan is gorgeous, with legs for days and eyes that smolder.
She understands the music that lights up my soul.
She’s ice and I’m fire.
It can never work between us.
Dueling mob families.

But sometimes rules are made to be broken.
And sometimes summer love can last.

What the Reviews Say

This book is a mafia story about a rivalry between two mafia families. The two leading characters don’t want to be like Romeo and Juliet but they come pretty close! They fall in love (and there are some great sex scenes) in spite of the hatred the brothers have for each other. They don’t realize that the cause of the mafia rivalry is a love story in itself!

This book hooked me from the get go I just couldn’t put it down I fell in love with these characters and omg what a story just a perfect.

Their first encounter in town lit the flames for both of them and now that they find themselves away from their families that fire is beginning to build and these two are willing to suffer the hypnotic lure of the fire.

Opposites do attract. This is an enemies to friends romance that takes a turn on the wild side. One click it for an enjoyable read. I definitely recommend this book and author.

When Kieran and Siobhan’s paths cross, the chemistry is insane and I love the back and forth quips between the two. They join forces and (without giving everything away) they do succeed in more ways than one. This is a great read that made me smile.


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