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Royal Holiday

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In Brooklandia, the holiday countdown doesn’t begin until the Royal Family throws their Midnight Magic Ball two weeks before Christmas Eve.

Princess Marina Parisier hates the lavish royal parties with their boring guests, having to behave like a lady for hours on end.

But this year’s ball will be a masquerade. Everyone there will be in costume, so at least she can hide in plain sight.

So when a dashing masked man captures her under the mistletoe and gives her a toe-curling kiss then leaves her with a single red rose, she has no idea who he is.

Now the mysterious stranger is sending her a red rose each day in a countdown of his own. He knows who she is and claims he will see her under the mistletoe again on Christmas Eve…


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Raging Moon

(Dec 1st, 12am PST to 11:59pm on Dec 2nd.)


And she’s the only one who can bring me back to life. 

Broken. Scarred. I’m a monster. Every night I live for the kill. The ultimate fight. And she’s the angel who rescues me night after night.

My wolf wants to claim her. But she deserves better than me. I should have stayed away.

But now, the black dragon twins are on to us and want their pound of flesh and blood. And If I don’t pay up… they’ll tear her apart.

Her life for mine is a small price to pay. I’ll gladly die for the one who showed me who I really am and brought me back from the dead.

But if they’ve hurt her, I’m going to take them down. Make them wish they’d never lived.

No one touches my mate, not even a dragon.

I knew who he was the moment I saw him.I’d heard the stories and the legend. I knew the risk.

He’s strong. Dangerous too. Carved from perfection.The scars make him all the more beautiful to me. The ultimate fighter. A god in the ring.

I came here to save my own pack but didn’t expect to be drawn to him. To have to make a choice. His wolf or my own.

But he’s hell bent on getting himself killed just to protect me. With the brothers who own us on the move, it won’t be long before they destroy him.And then take out my entire family.

It’s up to me now to save them all. I just hope I’m strong and fast enough to kill a black dragon.

Before it’s too late. 

Wanted by the Alpha


“Zeus is the alpha of alphas.” – Lenka, Goodreads

She belongs to me…

Just a glimpse and I know she was MINE.She isn’t like any other omega I’ve met,I hadn’t anticipated this need for her.I should have stayed away…Yet, I can’t leave without her.There’s a twisted, yearning, full of fear and anger inside me. For her…No one can stop me, from breaking herFrom making her mine…She belongs to me…This is the 15,000-word prequel to the Knotted Omega Series.***Paranormal dystopian romance with Omegaverse mf flavorInside the pages: No cheating. Snarly, tattooed, possessive male who will do anything to claim his soulmate.


Defiance: The Wolfborne Saga Book 1


Werewolves are the guardians of sleeping vampires, protecting their masters during the deadly light of day. But what happens when a werewolf gets fed up with the persecution and tempts fate by breaking his chains and fleeing while his masters sleep? 

Wounded and desperate, Zev finds himself at the mercy of a family who stumbles upon him during their own quest for vengeance against the demons of the night.s.


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