He’s a beast of a king.

Our recommended read for today,
February, 20th, 2021.

An unlikely pair create an out-of-this-world romance. The Beast King is a seductively dark and entirely captivating alien/human romance and a phenomenal fantasy where everyone must bend to the King’s will. Will you?

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The Beast King: A Dark Alien Romance (Royal Aliens)

He’s a beast of a king.
She’s a shy wallflower.

When Elizabeth is caught sneaking around his royal vessel, King Konan decides she is a spy, and must be broken.
His conquest will be carnal, and absolutely complete.
He will leave no part of his prisoner untouched.
No imagined sin unpaid for.
He will not be kind.
He will not be gentle.
And he will not fall in love.

(Unless he can’t help it.)

What the Reviews Say

I love Liz’s narrations. They are so funny. The fact that she gets under Konan’s scales is the really fun. Her scratching on the piece of paper she has to keep track of her adventure is what makes it fun. And boy, when you read how she describes Konan and all his “glory.” WOW!

I loved this book. It was not the usual alien/human rough romance. Loki has built a world where everything seems to be alive.

They equal each other out without realizing it at first. The revelation about the crown’s power comes as a bit of a shock and made the story that much more interesting.

Loki writes phenomenal fantasy stories that I love to read to escape into these other realms.

I enjoyed the story, especially Elizabeth’s ability to endure all of the chaos that has been forced on her. This is a well written and entertaining story that is worth reading.