Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance

It’s their job to protect my life… but is my heart safe with these three?

With an attacker targeting nurses at my hospital, local police have stationed three seriously tasty officers to keep us safe. And even though my coworkers and I are busy looking over our shoulders, it doesn’t take long for me to see there’s a lot more to these cops than sculpted muscles under tight uniforms.

Wade is intense and deviously unpredictable, and he sees right into my soul. Jake is a shameless flirt, but his carefree surface can’t hide his depth—not from me. Mick never lets his guard down on the job, but after hours, he has a passionate side that’s all mine.

I’ve always been the guarded, studious type—buttoned up, buckled down. But with these three in my orbit, I feel myself opening up. They’re so different from one another, but they each have something I can’t imagine living without.

And it’s starting to look like I may not have to choose.

***Her Men In Blue is a steamy reverse harem romance for fans who like their men ripped, in uniform, eager to protect and serve, and ready to share! Guaranteed HEA!***

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