Hard Hart: A Bi Awakening Steamy MM Short Story (First Time for Everything)


I’d survived the flames that snatched away my firefighting career. However, the physical scars that blaze left behind, also snatched away my belief in ever finding love.

So, the last person I expected to walk into my life was Dylan. From the moment this gorgeous man walked into my garage, I figured him for yet another hot straight guy I could never have.

But when he invited me over to the bar where he works, I started to sense that maybe Dylan wasn’t as straight as he appears…


When I first met James he was quiet but generous, and he offered to do everything he could to get my car back on the road.

So of course, I had to returned the favor in kind, and offered to buy him a drink. And it has nothing to do with how handsome and muscular James is. Or how his soft cobalt blue eyes seem to utterly mesmerize me.

Look, there’s nothing wrong in simply admiring another mans physique.

And besides, I’m straight. Although, I must admit, the longer James keeps staring at me the way he does, the less certain of that I feel…

Hard Hart is part of the ‘First Time For Everything’ series.

This book is a very steamy standalone straight to gay MM insta-love short story romance. If you love to read quick hot stories about men finding the alpha-male love of their lives, then grab this book today!

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