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July, 29th, 2021.

Sweet romance in a wonderful setting, just waiting to whisk you to a beach paradise… Aloha Hideaway Inn: A Sweet Beach Read is filled with heart, misunderstandings and a journey towards lasting love that will pull you in to the very last page.

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Aloha Hideaway Inn: A Sweet Beach Read (Getaway Bay Resort Romance Book 1)

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She’s got big plans for her tropical bed and breakfast, but the new high-rise resort in the bay is throwing a wrench into everything. So Stacey Stapleton does what any savvy businesswoman would do—she goes to spy on the resort stealing her business and ruining the beautiful Getaway Bay skyline.

Her undercover operation doesn’t do more than show her how flawless the Sweet Breeze Resort is—and that the owner is as handsome as he is smart.

Though annoyed by the new resort, Stacey focuses on Aloha Hideaway Inn, more determined than ever to give tourists the vacation of their lives. But when a tropical storm hits the bay, she and her guests have to take refuge in the high-rise hotel she hates.

Not only that, but the more time she spends with Fisher DuPont, the owner of Sweet Breeze, the more she has to admit that he’s not a monster.

Can Stacey and the Aloha Hideaway Inn survive strange summer weather, the arrival of the new resort, and the start of a special relationship?

What the Reviews Say

Not something I normally read, I see the word millionaire and move on. But I went with my gut and really enjoyed every single chapter. I really fell in love with the B&B and wish it was a real place to stay. Loved the two main characters and felt apart of the story.

You will find yourself getting absorbed right into this story and cheer them on to end up together. Be careful, you will want to set aside along time to read this book because you won’t want to put it down.

As my first experience with an Elana Johnson novel, I was well pleased. I found the story both interesting and entertaining.

I really liked the emotional swings in this book and all the ups and downs of living on an island. You get to know each character and all their foibles. I can recommend this book to anyone who likes a book that doesn’t have steamy bed romps!

I enjoyed the characters, both supporting and non supporting. I’m looking forward to reading all books in this series. First time reading this author and it won’t be the last. Very enjoyable, suitable for all ages.