Fate of the Ten Realms: Complete Series Box Set

The Complete 10 book Fate of the Ten Realms Series!

J.S. Striker’s best-selling books all in one box set!!

BOOK ONE: Exiled Bear
I chose this journey to a secret world, but I never thought it would lead to him…

The moment my sister went missing, I had one plan: find her, whatever it takes.
I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, and it might cost me my life. However, when I took off in that boat, and he followed me, I knew that I was in for more trouble than I had bargained for. And no matter how sexy I found the bear shifter, he was dangerous…
But not nearly as dangerous as the vampire island we landed on.
Now, I’ll be forced to put my life and the success of my mission in the hands of an arrogant shifter that I’m sure has an ulterior motive. I get the feeling that he needs something from me, as much as I need his help to find my sister.
And once I find her, I can go home…
Unless I fall head over heels for the one who risks it all to get me there.

BOOK TWO: Royal Vampire’s Fake Mistress
BOOK THREE: Taken by a Ruthless Pirate
BOOK FOUR: Bound to a Broody Vampire
BOOK FIVE: The Warlock’s Virgin Wolf
BOOK SIX: A Dark Prophecy’s Heir
BOOK SEVEN: Fae Prince’s Frosty Witch
BOOK EIGHT: The Warlock & The Witch
BOOK NINE: Falling for Her Shifter Wolf
BOOK TEN: Burning for my Ex’s Brother

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Fate of the Ten Realms: Complete Series Box Set