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General Romance Edition for 2021-10-01

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A Veiled & Hallowed Eve
(Soulbound Book 7)

Death is the last lover you will ever know.

SOA Special Agent Patrick Collins has lived a life full of lies, and it has finally caught up with him. Truth alone can’t set Patrick free, and time is running out to stop the Dominion Sect from turning his father into a god.

Jonothon de Vere knows survival isn’t a guarantee, but he’s desperate to keep Patrick safe. Jono will follow Patrick wherever he goes, even to Salem, where a family reunion reveals a bitter secret that was never going to stay buried.

With New York City under control of their god pack, Patrick and Jono must fall back on every alliance they’ve brokered to fill the front lines of a war coming directly to the city streets. When the veil tears, all hell will break loose, and the gods will be summoned to face a reckoning the world isn’t ready for.

The stakes have never been higher, failure has never been so deadly, and the Fates have never been kind to heroes. Patrick knows that better than anyone—because everything has a price, every debt always comes due, and it’s finally time for Patrick to pay his.

Heat Level: 3

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I kidnapped her to save her life. I’ll go to war to make her mine.
Stacy’s new in town.
Looking for a fresh start away from her troubled past.
A ruthless biker like me has no business wanting a woman like her.
We are opposites – she’s innocent and kind, I am a vicious killer for the Twisted Devils MC.
She’s everything I shouldn’t want, but can’t resist.
And I won’t stop until she’s mine.

She tries to fight our explosive attraction,
But her lustful looks and lingering touch gives her away.
She aches to submit to me.
And her life depends on it.

Because there’s someone else after her.
He’s sick, sadistic, and powerful.
And without my protection, he will take her.

Because it takes a monster to fight a monster, only a beast like me can protect her.
There’s only one thing I can do to keep her safe: kidnap her first.
And prepare for a war that could cost me everything.

Heat Level: 4

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Heat Level 1: Clean romance (no swearing or on-page steam)
Heat Level 2: Sweet romance (mild swearing and some sensual scenes)
Heat Level 3: Middle of the Road, some on-page naughtiness
Heat Level 4: Steamy on page scenes and language
Heat Level 5: Explicit/Graphic – hot, hot, hot!

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(Drake Wines Series Book 1)

Marriage. Babies. Live their happily ever after.

Makenna Drake and Brady Harris have been in love since they were sixteen years old, and they’ve had their future together planned out for almost as long. Then Makenna’s world is shattered when her parents are killed, and she’s left to help her brothers keep the family business, Drake Wines, thriving.

Brady is determined to be her rock through the difficult times as she comes to terms with her loss, knowing that when their wedding goes ahead, they’ll be one step closer to their happily ever after.

Until another tragic loss hits them, and they have to decide what their true definition of family is. They have to make the choice to redefine their dream of a family to achieve the happily ever after they long for.

VINEYARD is the first book in the Drake Wines Series. It’s a steamy romance full of love and loss that will take you on a ride alongside the characters. Fall in love with Makenna and Brady today!

Heat Level: 4

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Sold (A Dark Mafia Romance)

Sold to the mob boss, now she becomes his prey.

I am Marcello Dellucci, new don of the Dellucci Mafia.
And my devilish reign over the city has only just begun.

But when a beautiful girl steps onto the auction stage I forget everything I’m supposed to be.
I want to claim her, no matter the cost.
So I buy her body and take everything she has to give.

Now she’s my pet, my Kitten… My Harper.
And I’m not ever letting her go.

She’s more precious than even she knows.
And our dark pasts are more connected than either of us realize.

I will ruin anyone who dares to take her from me.
Nothing will stand in between us.

Not even her.

Heat Level: 5

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Academy of Protectors
(The Protector Guild Book 1)

You know what’s annoying? Having your first real date interrupted by a werewolf and a hellhound.

Now that the monsters have invaded my small town, my family and I have to ditch our secluded cabin in the woods, and move to The Protector Guild. I’ve always dreamed of one day joining The Guild—a secret establishment of protectors that studies captured demons and trains to kill them—but the reality of this new life is nothing like I thought it would be. I blame superhero movies for making the whole saving-the-world thing look easy and fun.

Hunting monsters and kicking ass, I can handle; but when I’m forced to train with a team of mysterious protectors full of secrets and a haunted past, things get complicated…

Heat Level: 3

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The Late Shift


With a stack of bills in one hand and a phone in the other, Andrea decides to talk her way out of debt in the dirtiest way possible—just as long as no one finds out. But when her erotic moonlighting intersects with her day job, will she end up revealing her sexy secret and acting out her fantasies?

Warning: The Late Shift (33,000 words) contains provocative personas, titillating training, and the most erotic of customer relations.

Heat Level: 5

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Sold to the mob boss, now she becomes his prey.