December 18th, 2020

Your Advent Calendar Treats for today: December 18th, 2020.

Coal for Kiera: Christmas of Love Collaboration

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Going back to the town I grew up in near Christmas wasn’t what I wanted to do. Santa Claus, Indiana celebrated the holiday year around but was worse at this time of the year. Only one reason could make me go back there and I hated him.

But the angel that served me had me thinking I could give the town another chance. I had one taste of her, and I was willing to sacrifice everything to protect her, even my freedom.

I hated this town and couldn’t wait to get out of it. I hated the man that made me regret being born. Every day he made sure I knew I was unloved and unwanted. I only needed one more week of work before I had enough money to get away.

But then a stranger sat in my section and I my world changed. He made me feel things like staying and after one night with him I’d sacrifice everything to save him, even my future.

This holiday they will learn what a real gift is.

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Babygirl for Chrismas


All I want for Christmas is one stern daddy.

Heartbroken and alone is not the way I want to spend the holidays.
Little did I know Santa has other ideas.

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My Stepbrother, The Navy Seal


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The Forgotten Ones
A Family for Christmas: A Regency Romance


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Thrill of the Chase



Barnes & Noble



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